It’s Been Real 4/28/2017

Hey guys, Brittany here! It honestly was really great being in this class with you guys. As the only undergrad, I feel like I’ve learned something valuable from all of you as I hope to be in your shoes soon. Everyone contributed something very meaningful especially in my quest on what I want to be […]

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Progress | 4/20/2017

I’m pretty much almost finished with my review. As I mentioned before, it was fairly easy for me to do because I actually really enjoyed the book from what I did read. I focused more so on the reviews of the book from many sources including Amazon, Books-A-Million, etc. and the reviews were really mixed […]

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Jay Heinrichs | 4/13/2017

So, as I mentioned before, I’m doing a book review, and of course I’m just a tad bit biased because I actually really liked Thank You for Arguing.¬†For this particular blog, I’m just updating on what interesting research I’ve found on Jay Heinrichs¬†and what I’ve learned about him even more. One thing that I’ve actually […]

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So far… 4/5/2017

I’m actually really excited about this project! Since I’m undergrad, I’m doing a book review. I had no idea what book I should do or even want to explore further but I was very happy when I talked to Dr. Woodworth and her recommendation was actually a book that I’m currently reading. It’s called Thank […]

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BW Arrangement | 3/23/2017

This was actually a lot harder than I thought what with the actual explanation of an assignment and why I feel that it is essential in the student’s learning. I actually chose to keep mine as “basic” as possible simply for the fact that I think sometimes teachers skip over those basic necessities in reading […]

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Understanding the BW | 3/7/2017

I decided to make chapter 5 from Reconnecting Reading and Writing the focus of my blog post as I feel it struck home for me a little more than the previous and consecutive chapters. The chapter consisted mostly about the different approaches educators should take when dealing with first year writers. Around the time of […]

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